heat. keep. eat.

Creators Lucy & Emma are the mastermind behind the Swivlit!

Revolutionising  food on-the-go, a Swivlit is a no fuss multi-functional cooking and eating pod which keeps your food either hot or cold for 4-5 hours so that you can enjoy it when you are out and about.

Using simple yet innovative technology paired with a striking aesthetic, a Swivlit can be used to cook, reheat or chill your soups, curries, pasta, salads (or whatever takes your fancy!) and keep them hot or cold for several hours. Who said you couldn't be functional whilst looking the part?​

A Swivlit's borosilicate glass lining also makes it easy and pleasant to eat straight from it.

What's more, a Swivlit is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe as well as being leak proof making your busy lives more convenient.

A Swivlit will help you to support the reusable revolution by eliminating your need for single-use packaging. 

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