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Revolutionising food 'on the go' using simple yet innovative technology paired with a striking aesthetic, a Swivlit can be used to cook, reheat or chill your food and keep it hot or cold for several hours; a Swivlit can keep food hot or cold for up to 5 hours when heated in the microwave. Alternatively, insulation time is likely to be up to 3 hours if heating food on the hob and transferring to your Swivlit.

The borosilicate glass lining also makes it easy and pleasant to eat straight out of.

To make a Swivlit easier to open, the lid is fitted with a pressure release button.

A Swivlit is also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe as well as being leak proof making it very convenient for busy lives. 

Please note the lid cannot go in the microwave as this may cause injury.

A Swivlit can also be used to cook on the move. By adding dry/raw ingredients and liquid to the Swivlit, microwaving it for 3-5 minutes and popping the lid on, it can be taken with you while the Swivlit slow cooks the contents over the next 2 or so hours until you are ready to eat.


Please note:

  • SAFETY: You must remove the lid before microwaving. Failure to do so will cause a build up in pressure which could cause injury
  • The bottom two thirds of the design do not detach from one another.
  • The lid is designed to come apart in two pieces for ease of cleaning.
  • We reccomend stirring the contents of your Swivlit at least every 30 seconds when heating in the microwave to ensure heat is distributed.
  • A Swivlit is not electric. The slow cooking properties arise from the heat being contained in the Swivlit after microwaving.



Volume: 500ml

Size: 114x114x155 (mm)

Material: Polypropylene, Borosilicate Glass, Food-Grade Silicon

The Shady

BD$58.00 Regular Price
BD$35.00Sale Price
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